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Admission guide

Opening Hours

April-October: 10:00am-7:00pm

November-March: 10:00am-6:00pm

Ticketing is available 30 minutes before opening and one hour before closing.

Every Monday closed

※ If a national holiday falls on Monday, the museum is closed the following day.

Admission fee



Candidates Amount Individual Group (20+)
Regular Adult (age 25-64) 1,000 won 700 won
Teen (age 13-24), Soldiers 700 won 500 won
Children (age 7-12) 700 won 500 won

Elders 65 or above and disable people
Children who are 6 or under
Disabled people

※ Credit card use and receipts for tax reductions are available. / No reentrance is allowed.
※ No overlapping discount with a group discount is available.


Museum etiquette

Before entering an exhibition room, turn your cell phone to vibration mode. You are asked to collaborate in creating a quiet atmosphere for viewing.

Visitors are cautioned not to touch works of art. If touched, works can be damaged from the salt in your sweat or oil on your hands.

You are asked not to bring any food or drinks, and pets are not allowed inside the art museum. You may enter after eating food and drinking beverages at a designated place or lounge.

You are asked to appreciate works quietly and not to disturb others as the art museum is a public place where many appreciate artworks.

Teach your children the proper rules of viewing artworks and guide them not to run around, make noise, or touch works of art.