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d am's Academy

dam's Special lectures

The special lectures address extensive subjects on art, liberal arts, society, and culture, shedding light on pending topical problems, issues, and figures in culture and art.

Daily museum experience class

This program, in collaboration with schools and educational organizations, is designed to enhance the ability of children and teenagers in their appreciation of, and communication with art, through art appreciation and experience.

Experience program connected to the exhibition

Coupled with an exhibition theme and content, this program provides individuals and families with a delightful, useful time, enabling them to appreciate artworks and experience a process of creation.

Program for strengthening the base of art culture

This program offers children from distant schools and culturally alienated children an opportunity to appreciate, commune with, and feel familiar with art through an introduction to museum activities.

Program for teenagers and college students

This program helps teenagers and college students nurture a culture for art and extend the scope of choice for their majors through diverse content and information on art and culture.