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Artists in <Fantasy Makers – Fashion and Art> - the 2017 Special Exhibition 1 of Daegu Art Museum

<Fantasy Makers – Fashion and Art> is Daegu Art Museum’s first special exhibition to look into the flow of contemporary art with the collaboration of pure art and fashion. It has been the recent trend in fashion that many exhibitions curated with recognition of the value of artworks turned out to be successful along with fashion collaborations where artworks are applied. In this exhibition, artworks of pure art and fashion design are presented together through collaboration with fashion which can also be reversely interpreted in art. Daegu Art Museum seeks to provide visual and sensorial attractions deserving to be empathic by people, while touching upon the modern art trend. Moreover, pure creativity which can be found in the two domains of fashion and art and elements that stimulate fantasies of humans is going to be intensively focused on. Since today’s art continues to pursue popularization and design seeks for artistic values, it is natural for the distinction between the two to be blurry. Daegu Art Museum expects to guide viewers into the world of fantasies which exists in their dreams and sub-consciousness through magnificent colors and forms created by participating artists. A total of 13 artists take part in the exhibition, consisting of pure artists and fashion designers.

Pier Fabre (1961~, Paris): He is an installation artist presenting artworks that are in harmony with the nature by using wind and textiles. He considers the wind – the force of nature – as the invisible driving force which imbues vitality to his works designed in areas of sculpture, optics, vibration and acoustic waves. As an artist who finds meanings in a space for his installation works, he creates a fantastical space vibrancy using numerous threads by resorting to the power of a motor instead of the natural power of wind for indoor installation at Daegu Art Museum.

Ena Swansea (1966~, New York): As a New York-based painter, she presents painting works with a solemn sense of depth by using graphite on canvas and oil colors on top. Her work introduced this time is her painting of ‘Isabelle Huppert', a French movie actress, created in 2010.

Kim Ju-Yeon (1964~, Gwangju): She shows examples of costumes used as objects in art throughout her photography series of lightness of being. The small seeds planted on the beautiful and elegant dress visualize the existence of life that prosper on costumes. Her works that breathe together with nature are reminiscent of the existence of helpless human beings in nature. 

Bae Joon-Sung (1967~, Gwangju, Seoul): The model wearing the magnificent clothing appearing in his <A painter's clothes>series turns in nudity depending on the perspectives of viewers, creating a perplexing and intriguing scene. It is a lenticular artwork using caved-in transparent textures, implying diverse social issues facing humans and the capitalistic society as Bae taps onto the object of ‘clothing’ who uses a unique technique of two media – photography and oil colors.

Bae Chan-Hyo (1975~, Busan, living in London): Living and working in London, he touches upon general prejudice against orientalism found in the western world. By ‘masking himself as a woman’ and ‘conducting a self-portrait performance’ himself in photography, he expands the topics from alienation of and prejudice against expats to the nature of human beings. Costumes found in his work are truly symbolic in starkly revealing the social class distinctions, appearing as media to convey his message.

Lee SeonQ (1986~, Gyeongju): As the author of <A god of laziness>,an online muhyup novel (a fantasy genre that is based off from old Chinese fantasy tales and some true historic tales) and sculpture, he majored in sculpture in Yeungnam University and currently works in Gyeongju. He transformed the characters in his novel into sculptural works. These characters in a fantasy exist in perfect imagination of humans, and this exhibition introduces Pilsa, that is Jeoseung Saja, the reapers of the dead, and god of beauty and god of arrogance, representing sexual desire and arrogance which are among 7 sins of humans. Their costumes reveal the meanings of symbolic fashion looked upon in a social perspective.

Chong Kyong-Hee (1958~, Seoul): She is a stage/film costume designer. She has designed costumes for many films, plays and TV dramas, including “The Fatal Encounter" directed by Lee Jae-gyoo and “I am the King” directed by Jang Kyu-sung. She is a multi-genre artist also taking part in numerous exhibitions in art museums including Kumho Museum of Art and Sungkok Art Museum. In this exhibition, she creates a large-scale installation work using optical fibers, producing a fantastic space by leveraging overwhelming lights coming out of costumes.

Zo Sun-Hi (1971~, Woegwan, living in Seoul): Having majored in clothing and textile at Yonsei University, she has been active as the most-renowned photographer in the field of advertisement. She is quite well known by the public due to her photographical shooting of celebrities and appearance on TV. In this exhibition, she presents 7 works of the 100 Bag Series of Jean-Charles de Castelbajac and 10 works replete with dramatic sensitivity.

Kim Jung-Hye (1979 ~, Daegu): Her tent-like structure is an installation work based on the form of a skirt, which is produced by spectators. The work is completed by the audience as they do stitching inside or attach objects, etc. As the title of the work ‘A Stitch in Time’ reveals, the artist wishes to touch upon how today’s fashion system is getting bigger with many social and environmental issues. The work implies her desire to improve the fashion system by getting together to devise solutions to make it better for the future.

Seo Whee-Jin (1979~, Seoul): Living and working in Seoul after graduating from Keimyung University, majoring in fashion design and launching 'WHEE UP BY WHEE JIN’, he has adopted the magnificent colors and postures of butterflies he saw in his dream as an inspiration for the silhouette of the fashion he designs. The word ‘whee up’ means something fun and joyful, and so exciting and exuberant, and the artist wishes to guide people into the world of fantasies through costumes and make them happy.

Lee Soo-Hyun (1983~, Seoul): She is the CEO of ‘LONDON CLOUD D.' He works are fundamentally based on traditions. As an artist who focuses on reinterpreting the forms and materials of traditional costumes, she introduces haute couture clothes where elements of pop music are applied, through which she seeks to convey the beauty of the costumes and joy of appreciation instead of the strictness of traditions.

Chung Jae-Sun (1980~, Gyeonggi): She is the CEO of 'J CHUNG' after graduating from Ewha Womans University, majoring in textile art, and the College of Fashion Design in London. Her work presented in this exhibition communicates a message on the charm of humans’ incompleteness. She visualizes how the images of humans are interpreted diversely through the medium of ‘clothes’ which transform and complement how the human physique appears.

Han Hyun-Jae (1985~, Seoul): He is the CEO of ‘IS DEEP.' As the grand prize winner in the student category in the Fashion Design Contest at the 2013 2nd Daegu Fashion Fair, he focuses on creating details to emphasize the nature of leather and developing materials. His design work matches premium fabrics such as wool, alpaca and cashmere with leather. He uses black color tones of black for gender-neutral artworks with a sophisticated ambience.

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