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Past Exhibitions

Daniel Buren
1938      Born in Boulogne-Billancourt, France.
1960      École Nationale Supérieure des Métiers d’Art (France)
1965      Grand Prix at the Paris Biennale (Paris, France)
1965      Prix Lefranc de la Jeune Peinture (prize for youngpainters) (France)
1986      Golden Lion for best pavilion at the 42nd Biennale (Venice, Italy)
1990      Living Treasure prize (New Zealand)
1991      International Award for Best Artist (Stuttgart, Germany)
1994      Prize for finest parking lot in Europe (Budapest, Hungary)
2007      The Premium Imperiale for Painting (Tokyo, Japan)

Solo Exhibition
2022     Daniel Buren: Going for a Walk in a Zigzag, Espoo Museumof Modern Art(Espoo, Finland)
2022     Daniel Buren. Works from the Lambert Collection Museum of Contemporary Art(Avignon, France)
2021     Daniel Buren. BJRV in situ on set Dijon Museum of Fine Arts (Dijon, France)
2020     Daniel Buren for Bergamo Illuminating the Space, in situ and located works, Palace of Ragione (Bergame, Italy)
2019     Daniel Buren. De Cualquier Manera, trabajos in situ, Italian Art Museum(Lima, Peru)
2018     Daniel Buren. The Colors Above Heads are Under Our Feet as Well, The Baker Museum (Naples, United States)
2018     Like Child’s Play Carriageworks (Sydney, Australia)
2017     Daniel Buren & Bettina Pousttchi, Kunsthalle Mainz (Mainz, Germany)
2017     Proyecciones / Retroproyecciones. Trabajos in situ. Pompidou Center Malaga (Malaga, Spain)
2017     Daniel Buren - Del medio circulo al circulo completo : Un recorrido de color, Obras in situ, Bogota Museum of Modern Art (Bogota, Colombia)
2017     New Presentation of the Work Up and Down, In and Out Step by Step. A Carving, Art Institute of Chicago (Chicago, United States)
2016     Daniel Buren - Como un juego de nino, trabajo in situ, Museo Espacio(Aguascalientes, Maxico)
2016     Daniel Buren, A Fresco, BOZAR/Palais des Beaux-Arts (Brussels, Belgium)
2016     Daniel Buren: A Tiger Cannot Change It’s Stripes, Gent a Culturcentrum Strombeek (Grimbergen, Belgium)
2015     More Squres, Das Kleine Museum (Weissenstadt, Germany)
2015     Daniel Buren. Axer / Desaxer, lavoro in situ, 2015 Madre, Napoli - #2" MADRE - Museo d’Arte Contemporanea Donnaregina (Napoli, Italy)
2015     Daniel Buren, The Arrows, work in situ, and in motion, Picardy Museum(Amiens, France)
1975     Daniel Buren: Suite No.2: From There, Abteiberg Museum(Monchengladbach, Germany)
1973     Sanction of the Museum, Museum of the Modern Art (Oxford, Great Britain)
1970     Affichages Sauvages, Travail in situ, in the street of Nagoya (Nagoya, Japan)
1970     Affichages Sauvages (Amsterdam, Netherlands)
1970     Fifty Bus Benches, Bus Stations (Los Angeles, United States)
1968     200 Billboards in Paris, Affichages Sauvages in the streets of Paris(Paris, France)
1967     Mailing White and Green Striped Paper, (fly-posting) in the streets of Paris(Paris, France)
1964     Meyer de Buren: Paintings, Lefranc Gallery (Paris, France)
1961     17 Paintings on Wood, Grapetree Bay Hotel, (Virgin Islands, United States)
Group Exhibition
2022     Art Düsseldorf (Paris, France)
2022     Art Paris (Paris, France)
2021     Art Basel / Miami Beach (Miami, United States)
2021     Art 021 Shanghai (Sanghai, China)
2021     Super Fusion / 2021 Chengdu Biennale, Chengdu Museum of Contemporary Art (Chendu, China)
2021     FIAC - Foire international d art contemporain (Paris, France)
2021     KIAF 2021 / Art Seoul (Seoul, Korea)
2021     Minimal / Conceptual: Dorothee and Konard Fischewr and the Art Scenes in the 1960s and 1970s, Kawamura Memorial DIC Museum of Art(Sakura, Japan)
2021     Self-History / Obayashi Collection, What Museum (Tokyo, Japan)
2021     Art Basel (Basel, Swiss)
2021     The Armory Show (New York, United States)
2021     ArtRio 2021 (Sao Paulo, Brasil)
2020     The Tour of the Day in Eighty Worlds, CAPC Museum of Contemporary Art(Bordeaux, France)
2020     A Snapshot of Clobalization: Xin Dong Cheng and His Contemporary Art Collection, Tsinghua University Art Musueum (Beijing, China)
2020     Art 021 Shanghai (Shanghai, China)
2020     Necessary Emptiness - Temporality: OCAT Nanjing Public Art Project 2020(Nanjing, China)
2020     Art Basel OVR:20c (Swiss)
2020     Fiac in the galleries / Stand 6PDL (Paris, France)
2020     Art Rio (Rio de Janeiro, Brazil)
2020     The walls are receding, Matisse Museum (Nice, France)
2020     Wande I Walls, Kunstmuseum (Stuttgart, Germany)
2020     Through the eyes of Yvon Lambert, 20 years later... Museum of Contemporary Art (Avignon, France)
2020     Glass and Concrete/ Manifestations of the Impossible, Marta Herford Museum(Herford, Germany)
2020     Museum in work(s) / New presentation of contemporary collections, National Museum of Modern Art, Georges Pompidou Center (Paris, France)
2019     Art Basel / Miami Beach (Miami, United States)
2019     Art021 Shanghai (Shanghai, China)
2019     The Shape of Time, Inauguration of the Pompidou Center x West Bund Museum Project, Center Pompidou West Bund Museum(Shanghai, China)
2019     Love. Hate. Debate. / Start a conversation with the ING Collection, ING Art Center (Brussels, Belgium)
2019     FIAC- International Contemporary Art Fair (Paris, France)
2019     Modern life, New path in the collections, Museum of Modern Art(Paris, France)
2019     Nuit Blache, Eiffel Tower from Concorde to Bastille: The Parade(Paris, France)
2019     Up for more - News from the Wurth Collection on art since 1960, Kunsthalle Wurth (Schwabisch Hall, Germany)
2019     KIAF 2019 / Art Seoul (Seoul, Korea)
2019     Can I show you my collection? 40 years - 40 visiting masterpieces, Willhelm-Hack Museum (Ludwigshafen, Germany)
2019     Dive into Light : Woven Optical Fibers in Gwangju Design Biennale(Gwangju, Republic of Korea)
2019     SP-Arte (Rio de Janeiro, Brazil)
2019     Art Basel / Hongkong (Hong Kong, China)
2018     The Collection (1), Highlights for a Future, Municipal Museum of Contemporary Art (Ghent, Belgium)
2018     SP-Arte (Rio de Janeiro, Brazil)
2018     Less is more, Voorlinden Museum, (Wassenaar, Netherlands)
2017     Drawing as art - Art as drawings, Museum of China Academy of Art(Hangzhou, China)
2017     From then on / rooms, works, visualizations of the anti-museum 1967-1978 Museum Abteiberg and Altes Stadtisches Museum(Mönchenglabach, Germany)
2017     Metalliferous Center for Contemporary Art of Belgian (Luxembourg, Belgium)
2017     Sculpture in the City (London, Great Britain)
2017     Art Basel (Basel, Swiss)
2017     Edward Krasiński, Stedelijk Museum (Amsterdam, Netherlands)
2017     Art Basel (Basel, Swiss)
2017     Format. 35 Jahre Sammlung Schroth, Museum Wilhelm Morgner, initiated by Stiftung Konzeptuelle Kunst (Soest, Germany)
2017     Wirtschaftswerte / Museumswerte Kunsthalle Düsseldorf (Düsseldorf, Germany)
2017     Art Brussels (Brussels, Belgium)
2017     SP-Arte (Rio de Janeiro, Brazil)
2017     Art Basel / Hongkong (Hongkong, China)
2017     Art Dubai (Dubai, United Arab Emirates)
2017     The Armory Show (New York, United States)
2017     Oh Beautiful Days! Biennale 9 Work in situ in the streets of Louvain- la- Neuve(Louvain-la-NeuveBelgium)
1969     Konzeption / Conception Stadtische Museum Leverkusen(Leverkusen,Germany)
1969     Young Artists in Paris in Additional Events Sixth Paris Biennale(Paris, France)
1969     557,087, Seattle Art Museum (Seattle, United States)
1968     24e Salon de Mai, City of Paris Museum of Modern Art (Paris, France)
1968     Buren, Moset, Toroni [Manifestation 7] gallery of  Jean-Claude Guillaumon and François Guinochet, 9, rue Commandant Faurax (Lyon, France)
1967     5th Paris Biennale - Event 4, City of Paris Museum of Modern Art(Paris, France)
1967     Manifestation 3, Decorative Arts Museum (Paris, France)
1967     18th  Salon of Young Painting - Event 2,  City of Paris Museum of Modern Art (Paris, France)
1966     Impact - 30 Painters, Museum of Modern Art, (ceret, france)
1966     VII Salon - Old and Young Today, City of Paris Museum of Modern Art(Paris, France)
1966     17th Salon of Young Painting, City of Paris Museum of Modern Art (Paris, France)
1965     Fourth Biennial of Paris (Paris, France)
1965     4th Lefranc Prize for Young Painting 1965, House of Fine Arts(Paris, France)
1965     20th Salon of New Realities, City of Paris Museum of Modern Art(Paris, France)
1965     16th Salon of Young Painting, City of Paris Museum of Modern Art(Paris, France)
1964     3rd Lefranc Prize for Young Painting 1964: A Recalcati (Paris, France)
Permanent Collection
The Baker Museum Naples (Florida, USA)
Pompidou Malaga (Malaga, Spain)
Museum Ritter (Waldenbuch Germany)
MACRO, Museo d'Arte Contemporanea Roma (Rome, Italy)
the Fabre Museum (Montpellier, France)
Museum of Art and History (Cholet, France)
Toyota Municipal Museum of Art (Toyota, Japan)
He Xiangning Art Museum, Shenzhen (Guangdong province, China)
National Museum of Capodimonte (Naples, Italy)
Courtyard of the Palais-Royal (Paris, France)

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