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Past Exhibitions

차계남(車 季 南, Cha Kea Nam)
Main Career
1953 Born in Daegu, Korea
1976 B.F.A of Hyosung Women's University(Art Dept). Daegu, Korea
1976-1977 EhwaWomen's University. Seoul, Korea
1980 Going Overseas to Japan
1980-1982 Research in Kyoto City University of Arts. Kyoto, Japan
1984 M.F.A of Kyoto City University of Arts. Kyoto, Japan
1987-1995 Selected to the associate member of Shinsho Arts and Crafts Association.
1988-1991 Lecturer of Otemae College. Hyogo Pref, Japan
1990-1994 Lecturer of Seian Women's College. Kyoto, Japan
1996 Going Overseas to France
1997-1998 Judge of The Asahi Contemporary Craft Exhibition, Japan
2002-2004 Advior of Art Group. Kyoto, Japan
2007 Advior of Art Group. Kyoto, Japan

Personal Exhibition
2021 D’Artist Chakeanam Exhibition, Daegu Museum. Daegu, Korea
2020 Eul-gallery. Daegu, korea
2019 Daegu Culture and Arts Center Museum. Daegu, Korea
2016  Iindang Museum. Chilgok, Korea
2014    Dong won gallery. Deagu, Korea
Bongsan Cultural Center. Daegu, Korea
2009  art KARLSRUHE International Messe Fur Moderne Kunst. Germany
2008 A and A Gallery, art KARLSRUHE. Deagu, Korea
2007 International Messe Fur Moderne Kunst. Germany
Galerie Carola Weber. Weisbaden, Germany
2006 art KARLSTUHE International Messe Fur Moderne Kunst. Germany
2005 Cian Museum. Yeongcheon, Korea
2004 Maga Museum. Gyeonggi, Korea
2001 Shilla Gallery. Daegu, Korea
1997 Gaain Gallery. Seoul, Korea
1996 Today's Artists Series, Osaka Contemporary Art Center, Osaka, Japan
Gallery Maronie, Kyoto, Japan
Amano Gallery. Osaka, Japan
1995 CI-GONG Gallery. Daegu, Korea
1994 Memory's Gallery. Nagoya, Japan
Tempozan Gallery. Osaka, Japan
Gallery Maronie. Kyoto, Japan
Amano Gallery. Osaka, Japan
1993 Gallery Maronie, Kyoto, Japan
Korean Cultural Council Art Hall. Seoul, Korea
Ingong Gallery. Seoul, Korea
Amano Gallery. Osaka, Japan
1992 Gallery Maronie. Kyoto, Japan
Amano Gallery. Osaka, Japan
1991 Amano Gallery. Osaka, Japan
1990 Kyoni Gallery. Tokyo, Japan
Amano Gallery. Osaka, Japan
1989 Amano Gallery. Osaka, Japan
Gallery Nakamura. Kyoto, Japan
1988 Gallery Nakamura. Kyoto, Japan
1987 Gallery Beni. Kyoto, Japan
1986 Amano Gallery. Osaka, Japan
1984 Gallery Maronie. Kyoto, Japan

Group Exhibition
2018 Yangpyeong Art Museum. Yangpyeong, Korea
Pohang city Museum. Pohang, Korea
2017   Spoon art show 2017, Invitation Exhibition. Ilsan, Korea
Dongsanbang Gallery. Seoul, Korea
Keumsan Gallery. Seoul, Korea
2016    Mergence in Daegu Art 2016. Seoul Arts Center. Seoul, Korea
Galleries Art Fair. Seoul, Korea
Black Exhibition, Dongwon Gallery. Daegu, Korea
Hommage a Lee Tae, Phosphorus & Carbon. Daegu, Korea
2015    Daegu Comtemporary Art, Deagu Art Museum. Deagu, Korea
2012    Select 100 Featuring BMA Collection. Pusan Metropolitan Art Museum.
Pusan, Korea
Collection Exhibition, National Museum of Contemporary Art. Seoul, Korea
2011    8 persons Invited Exhibiton. AA gallery. Daegu, Korea
2010 P_Art Gallery. Karlsruhe, Germany
20x20 Exhibion, Gachang studio. Daegu, Korea
Cu Gallery Open Invited Exhibition. Daegu, Korea
In side out Exhibition, Bongsan Cultural Center. Daegu, Korea
2009 Art Karlsuruhe 2009. Karlsuruhe, Germany
Gallery Maronie. Kyoto, Japan
Gachang studio, Daegu, Korea
Prato Gallery. Daegu, Korea
2008 20x20 Exhibition A.A Gallery. Deagu, Korea
Gallery Clauss & Palacios. Cologne, Germeny
Internatioanl Fiber Symposium and Exhibition. Philadelphia, USA
Continuing power of Asia. Hankuk Art Musium. Gyeonggi, Korea
Daegu Modern Art Exhibition. Daegu, Korea
Delta_The Junction of Different Eyes. Deagu, Korea
Art in 2008. Daegu, Korea
2007 Dresden Garerie. Cologne, Germany
Art Fair Cologne, Germany
Fiber Art Exhibition Japan-Korea. Tokyo, Japan
Art Karlsruhe International Musse Moderne Kunst. deutchland 
2006 The Scent of Korea 2006. Daegu, Korea
Fiber Art Today Korea_Japan, Seoul. Korea
The International Woman Artist's Association-Korea. Daegu. Korea
Art Karlsruhe, International Messe Fur Moderne Kunst, Germany
2005 Dusan craft festival, Dusan Gallery, Daegu. Korea
Gyeongbuk art history, MBC. Daegu. Korea
A parallel history, Cian Museum, Yeongcheon. Korea
Cheongju International Craft Biennale 2005, Cheongju. Korea
2004 International Morden Fiber Art Exhibition, Deagu Convention Center. Daegu,
2003 Contempory Art Festival 2003 CAF, Saidama Modern Art Museum, Japan
Biennale d'art contemporain de Montrouge-Invited Artist Paris, France
2002 Daegu annual and international Exchange exhibition of textile design
special invited. Daegu, Korea
Esprit of BOJAGI, Maronnie Art Center, Seoul, Korea
2001 The breath of nature, Cheongju Internation Craft Biennale 2001. Cheongju,
Collection Exhibition. Shilla Gallery. Daegu, Korea
ORIENT EXTREME, Abbaye de Bourgueil. Bourgueil, France
1999 The way's '99 Space N's, TATSIGAWA. Tatsigawa, Japan
Creation and Imagination Musee Whanki, Seoul, Korea
Fight through Trace and Touch. Busan Metropolitan Art Museum, Busan,
1998 Asahi Modern Craft Exhibition'98. Osaka, Japan
1996 WITHOUT IDENTITY, WITHOUT FORNTIER, Kyoto-paris cooperated project
Ex-Rissei Primary School.Kyoto, Japan.
Ecole de SEOUL, kwan Hoon Gallery, Seoul. Korea
1995 Japanese Contemporary Crafts - Tradition and Avant-garde, Victoria and
Albert Museum, London
New wave Art, Daiwa Gallery. Osaka, Japan
Portes Ouvertes au Japan, Aterier Bastille. Paris, France
The bronze Mirrors in 20th Century, Gallery Four Seasons, Seoul. Korea
Daegu Arts Center. Daegu, Korea
Alternative World (The Memorial Exhibition of Osake Triennale),Coke Step Hall. Osaka, Japan
Textile Miniature Works, Craft Studio of The Harbor From Center, Tronto, Canada

Piblic Collections
Daegu Culture and Arts Center Museum. Daegu, korea,
Korea Gas Corporation.Daegu,Korea,
Gallery Carola Weber. Weisbaden, Germany,
Art bank. National Museum of Contemporary Art, Seoul, Korea,
Pusan Metropolitan Art Museum, Busan, Korea,
Osaka Metroporitan ceramic museum, Osaka, Japan,
The National Museum of Art. Osaka, Japan,
The museum of modern art. Shiga, Japan etc

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