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Past Exhibitions

1. Exhibition Title: The Exhibition for the 18thLEEINSUNG Art Prize,
                <CHOI Minhwa: A Thousand Detours>
2. Participating Artist: CHOI Minhwa(b. 1954)
3. Exhibition Period: 4 September(TUE) ~ 16 December(SUN), 2018
4. Exhibition Venue: Exhibition Rooms 2, 3 and Sunken Garden
5. Composition of Exhibition: 100 pieces of paintings

Daegu Art Museum presents the exhibition of <A Thousand Detours> of artist CHOI Minhwa, the winner of the 18th LEEINSUNG Art Prize. CHOI has opened up a new horizon in paintings by presenting the presence of life, while testifying the tumultuous reality in the modern history of Korea for four decades.
He intends to shed a light on a broad scope of paintings of CHOI, while staying away from a frame work of minjung art by presenting a total of 100 pieces including the series of his iconic work of <Pink> which earned him the prize of the 18th LEEINSUNG Art Prize, <Vagrancy> and his prior works (1973~1981) he introduced at this exhibition for the first time, <Youth_Gray> depicting the perspective of an artist that has become an established generation towards a young generation, <Chosun Sanggosa_ Ancient Historyof Korea>conveying Korea's exclusive aesthetic values, and the series of <Chosun, Very Much Chosun>.
We wish that the audience could understand works of CHOI Minhwa in multiple layers by feeling the passion that used to be fostered by a young artist, newly evaluating representative figurative paintings, questioning new possibilities of the contemporaneousness of paintings and historical paintings and recognizing absolute and universal values again that are to be nurtured by the contemporaries.

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