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Ji Hye Yeom : Total Perspective Vortex
■ Outline of the Exhibition
Exhibition title: Total Perspective Vortex
Exhibition period: September 4 (Tue) ∼ December 25 (Tue), 2018 (for 113 days)
Venue: Exhibition Halls 4 & 5
Participating artist: Ji Hye Yeom (born in 1982)
Number of works submitted: 3 videos and installation works
                 <They Come. Swiftly, Stealthily>, <Current Layers> and <Future Fever>

Daegu Art Museum organizes ‘Y Artist Project’ to nurture competent young artists. Ji Hye Yeom as the 10th winning artist of ‘Y Artist Project’ produces moving image works based on in-depth study through her personal experiences and interest in social issues.

Total Perspective Vortex was curated with a focus on the theme of ‘virus, layers and high technology’ within the scope of the contemporary history of civilization for the mankind. The trilogy of the three stories is presented through moving images, and the objects installed in the exhibition space play intermediary roles in organically connecting the context of her works.

The title of ‘Total Perspective Vortex’ refers to multiple perspectives where everything around us is entangled as in a spiral and causes confusion. The grand narrative of the history of civilization for the mankind is analogous to a tumultuous swirl where numerous perspectives might exist along with diverse interpretations. It is hoped that this exhibition would enable the audience to confront our stories within the contemporary period, raise questions to ourselves, and have an opportunity to reflect on the past as well as predict the future through looking at the current tense as the medium.


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