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Past Exhibitions

○Title: Masterpieces of Joseon Painting, Kansong Collection
○Exhibition Period: Jun. 16th (Sat) 2018 ~ Sep. 26th (Wed) 2018
○Venue: Umi hall, 1 exhibition hall

Art reflects the sprit of the times. The landscape paintings of An Gyeon display the flourishing cultural period of King Sejong’s reign while the bamboo paintings of Yi Jeong represent the unshaken sprit of Joseon scholars during the harsh times of the Japanese invasion of Korea in the 16th century. The true-view landscape paintings of Jeong Seon speak for the sound foundation of true-view culture during King Yeongjo’s reign, while the genre paintings of Sin Yun-Bok show the fragrant scent of full-blown romantic culture during King Jeongjo’s reign. The orchid paintings of Kim Jeong-Hui reflect the pioneering spirit of scholars who dreamed of academic reformation, while the figure paintings of Jang Seung-Eop show the chaotic collapse of society during the late Joseon period.

This exhibition displays over 100 of the very best of Kansong Art Museum’s Joseon period paintings. The paintings are not only artistic and aesthetic masterpieces, but are also monumental pieces of Korean art history.

This exhibition aims to help visitors discover the true character of Korean culture and history through enjoyment of these masterpieces. The artwork displayed here redefines the life and sprit of Kansong Chun Hyeong-Pil, who devoted his whole life to protect these priceless cultural treasures. Moreover, it is hoped that visitors can gain insight into their own daily life through appreciation of the cultural traces of Korea’s glorious past, and can thereby better strive toward an improved future.

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