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Past Exhibitions

○Title: Renegades in Resistance and Challenge
○Exhibition Period: Jan.16, 2018 – May 13, 2018
○Venue: Gallery 1 & UMI Hall at Daegu Art Museum
○Composition of the Exhibition: about 50 works and 2,000 archival materials

Daegu Art Museum begins 2018 with 《Renegades in Resistance and Challenge》. This exhibition looks into the Korean avant-garde art which challenged authority and customs, and performance art which has spearheaded the avant-garde art. It manifests how Daegu Art Museum has paid attention to site-ness of the Korean art. 

《Part 1 - Avant-garde art of Korea: from the 60s through the 80s》 sheds a light on resistance against the existing mainstream art, modification of Western thinking and attitudes in continued escape through artists who have carried on experimental works without belonging to any specific period dubbed as ‘Dansaekhwa’ and ‘Minjung Art’.

《Part 2 - 50-year history of performance art of Korea: 1967-2017》 intensively looks into performance art which has been at the forefront of avant-garde art. This exhibition is an archival one on the characteristics of acts, enabling a close look at the historical milestones of performance art in four periods: birth of the Korean avant-garde art (1967-1970), settlement of the Korean avant-garde art (1971-1980), spread of the Korean ?avant-garde art (1981-1999) and globalization of the Korean avant-garde art (2000-).

A majority of the participating artists were either born in or have been working in Daegu. The exhibition affirms that Daegu boosted the development of the Korean contemporary art by focusing on experimental movements in Daegu including Daegu Contemporary Art Festival, 35/158 and Dongseongro Exhibition.

The exhibition considers the spirit of ‘resistance and challenge’ as an engine and driver for the contemporary Korean art in today’s world. And yet, ‘resistance and challenge’ has exerted its force in each intensive moment in the Korean contemporary history and is still valid. We would like to bring back the then vivid and intensive site-ness to today’s world through the exhibition.

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