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Past Exhibitions

○Title : <NEGUA & VSP _ The light and Sound>
○Period : 2017. 9. 29(Fri) ~ 2017. 12. 31(Sun)
○Place : Umi Hall(780㎡)
○Artists : KALYPSO (Philipp DREBER, Alessandreo DE MATTEIS, Michael BAUMANN),  GWON Hyeokgyu
○Technical Support : Daegu National Science Museum
○Number of works : 2 (Video Installation+Sound Installation)

Daegu Art Museum organizes exhibitions of international exchange each year to introduce global trends of the contemporary art and seek for dynamic exchanges among artists from home and abroad. This exhibition was planned to look into art-technology relations in order to delve into a trend in the contemporary art. In other words, it is to analyze possibilities of art which is developing along with advanced technologies. When ways of expression for one-dimensional visual art are combined with technologies, we discover that the classical artworks we have observed so far are gradually progressing with technologies. Artists today aim to express various types of content and complexities beyond simply implementing images, unlike the past, and represent the trends of contemporary art as a composite modality which stands for the contemporary art. In today’s world where communication with the public is prioritized beyond ‘art for the sake of art’, reasons why views and interpretations of cultures are universally accepted are suggested to emphasize the mass appeal of art. A shift from visual art to composite art conveys a message that art is not confined by vision, but pursues and develops into direct communication with the public in multiple senses. The tendency where artists mobilize all sense organs of humans to create artworks along with technological advancement is to suggest new tasks for expressions and directions of art for the future.

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