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Past Exhibitions

Score_ Music for Everyone
Tuesday 21 February – Sunday 21 May 2017
Daegu Art Museum Gallery 2, 3, Sunken Garden

The <Score: Music for Everyone> exhibition is a contemporary art exhibition with music being closely associated with our life as the key motif. The exhibition recognizes ‘harmony’, an aesthetic attribute of music, as the symmetry of art referring to balance, attempting for a harmony by trying to newly forge two genres in pursuit of ‘harmony’. This is to pose a question on meanings of music or art in our daily life, seeking for possibilities in forging harmonious relationships between art and life.

The title, ‘score’, refers ‘a music score’, ‘points of score’ and ‘a fact’. Our reality being controlled by a social system and evaluated accordingly is analogous to music resonated by a music score. It is an unforgettable memory and today’s story of ‘mine, yours, his and hers’ (‘Score: Music for Everyone’) being sometimes sad and joyful, and depressing and outstanding.
The exhibition consists of three sections: <Manuscript Paper and Grid>, <Variations on the Canon> and <Song for Paradise>. Each section shows how ‘music (signing)’ is ignited in what values within ‘art as the norm in a modern sense’, ‘political reality’ and ‘community. Therefore, this exhibition will offer opportunities for fundamental and sincere reflection on if ‘harmony’ as an attribute of art in a tumultuous period of the logic of capital, economic crisis and culture wars, how its characteristics have changed, and what directions art is directed toward.

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