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Past Exhibitions

Daegu Art Museum houses a total of 1,150 pieces of artworks as of 2016, starting with a collection with its exclusive budget for art collection after it opened on May 26 in 2011. <2016 Collection Exhibition - Think Twice, It's All Right> consists of artworks ranging from those of ChuKyung (1905-1979) based in Daegu which the museum collected in the first year of its opening to those of Damien Hirst (1965-) of the U.K. “Think twice, It's All Right” as the title of the exhibition was coined with a motif from the recent Nobel laureate Bob Dylan’s hit song: Don't Think Twice, It's All Right. The negative suggestion of ‘not thinking twice’ has turned into a positive will by saying ‘let’s think twice’.
As privately owned artworks are transferred to a new public environment of an art museum, they enter a domain of new contacts. The public environment an art museum can posit a ‘single’ work in a new context ‘twice’ or ‘over twice’ by providing diverse views and meanings to it through study, research and exhibitions on it. It is because a collection of an art museum taking up the biggest portion in forming it, in fact, is not a group of objects being worthy of a single glimpse nor those with a definite single meaning. This exhibition will boost classical meanings of the ‘collection’ of Daegu Art Museum for the first time in its history, while reaffirming the identity of the art museum.

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