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Past Exhibitions

■ Outline
1. Title : Y+ Artist project 1 <BAE Jongheon: Naissance>
2. Period : for 111 days from October 25 (Tue), 2016 ~ February 12 (Sun), 2017
3. Artist Talk : 15:00 on December 3 (Sat), 2016
4. Venue: Exhibition Halls 4 & 5
5. Composition : 30 works including drawings, paintings, photography,
videos and installations
■ Introduction of the Exhibition
Daegu Art Museum manages Y Artist project in order to seek for the discovery and development of potential young artists. The project targeting young artists under the age of 30 supports selected artist to hold their solo exhibitions and do their creative work.
Y+ Artist projectwhich has a fresh new start this year was launched to extend the intent and meanings of the above project. Y+ Artist targets artists in Daegu in their 40s (from 40 to 49) that pursue the world of art in depth in the middle of established artists who have stabilized their presence along with promising artists that can enjoy benefits of sponsorship projects including various residency programs. The purpose is to play pivotal roles in the domestic and international art circles by encouraging competent regional artists to exert their artistic creativity.
The <BAE Jongheon: Naissance> exhibition of the first artist being selected is to present an opportunity to delve into multi-layered values within a diversified socio-cultural flow, while revealing familiar, yet obscure boundaries of objects based on four keywords: ‘marriage’, ‘pregnancy’, ‘childbirth’ and ‘child raising’. Moreover, BAE’s personal thoughts on pregnancy, childbirth and child raising as well as his reflections on the marriage culture surrounding the history of a family newly formed after marriage are shown along with a critical perspective of the commercial aspects on the infant/baby raising culture.

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