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Past Exhibitions

Title of the exhibition: <Choe U-Ram; [stil laif]>
Venue: Daegu Art Museum, Gallery 1
Period: November 1, 2017 ~ February 12, 2017
Curatorial Statement
The Daegu Museum of Art will hold a solo exhibition of Choe U-Ram, a Korean artist known internationally for his “Anima-Machine” works. This exhibition has been organized to illuminate the artist’s works and to provide a closer look at his testimonies about humans in this era, expressed through a combination of unique imagination, computer programming and technology.
Since his early years as an artist, Choe U-Ram has produced works using the elements of “movement.” His works—using scientific imagination, production methods combining art and technology, metallic materials, flexible movements making objects appear alive, and unique story-telling—have opened new horizons for contemporary art. To Choe, movement means life. As named by the artist, Anima Machineconsists of works with various mechanical parts and motors, and is presented in forms that remind viewers of living organisms such as insects, fish, flowers and reptiles. The works also contain quasi-Latin scientific names, which are based on the methods of movement, power sources or materials, and fictitious stories based on archaeological imagination. Their themes have changed and expanded over time, from warnings against excessive human desires following technological development, to messages implying coexistence between machines and humans. As Choe U-Ram’s work provides virtual reality through movement, energy and spectacle, it is often categorized as Kinetic art or Media art in terms of genre; however, his work goes beyond merely talking about machines and technology, and actually implies contemplation about humanity based on the artist’s profound interest in religion, philosophy and nature.  His interest in, and study of, humans who live in this era amidst the repetitive violence of history, immersed in social contradictions that are disguised as rationality, is actively reflected in the denotations of his works since several years ago, and continues to expand their spectra.
The coming solo show of Choe U-Ram will be composed in such a way that spectators can view the entire scope of his work, from the early Anima Machineworks made in 2002 to the latest productions of 2016, thus providing a meaningful opportunity to contemplate human existence today, going beyond the simple appreciation of his mechanical aesthetics.

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