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Past Exhibitions

Title: DNA
Time: February 23 (Tue) ~ May 29, 2016 (97 days)
Venues: Gallery 1 & UMI Hall (about 1,920m2)
Participating Artists: 30 artists including Koo Seongyoun, Gwon Osang,Kim Byoungho, Kim Seungjoo, Na Kim, Kim Hee Young, Min Sunghong, Park Meena, Park Zinoo, An Moonsu, Wang Hyunmin, Lee Sooin, Lee Yunhee,Lee Jonggeon, Hyun Sanghwa, Two Wheels Hope Bike, and D-zine
Works on Show: Approximately 200 pieces including two-dimensional works, sculptures and installations

With the attainment of economic growth that was spurred by rapid industrialization in the 20th century, the aesthetic of design has drawn more attention than practicality and functionality while a designer’s subjectivity and originality have been more strongly emphasized than a design’s objectivity. The boundaries between design and the fine arts tend to become blurred due to this tendency in design that we have become familiar with in our daily lives. Before modernism emerged in the early 20th century, it was thought that works of the fine arts would be enjoyed forever due to their artistry and aesthetic value whereas products of design were regarded as something to be efficiently used or consumed. However, the two genres managed to cross the border between themselves in the 21st century when art became liberal in its use of materials and expression. These genres have something in common in that they both interpret objects based on their practitioners’ subjective and creative ways of thinking. The two categories, art which inspires meditation and design which offers visual pleasure, have become common denominators that softensuch boundaries.

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