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Title: Highlight of Kim Inhan’s Collection – Beautiful Gifts
Time: February 16 (Tue.)~May 22 (Sun.), 2016 (97 days)
Venues: Gallery 4 & 5
Participating Artists: Approximately 60 artists including Lee In-sung, Kim Yong-jo, Bae Myeong-hak, kim Jong-tae, Ahn Chang-hong, Lee U-fan, Lee Ung-no, and Choi Young-lim
Main Works on Show: 71 paintings in total including 35 pieces by Daegu Gyeongbuk artists such as The Pondand Hyangwonjeongthat Lee In-sung painted in the 1930s, Harbor Sceneby Kim Yong-jo, and Silla Earthenwareby Bae Myeong-hak as well as 36 pieces by artists active in other regions such as Sunflowersby Kim Jong-tae, With Windsby Lee U-fan, and The Hatby Choi Young-lim.

The exhibition titled《Highlights of KIM In-han’s Donated Works – Beautiful Gifts》is the first highlight exhibition to provide opportunities for viewers to relish the donated works of Chairman KIM In-han of Yusung Construction while honoring the spirit of his beautiful donation. After he expressed his will to donate his prolific art collection early 2015, he donated 578 pieces of paintings and video works to Daegu Art Museum on June 20 of the same year.

KIM’s donated works consist of pieces with a significant value in the history of art in the Korean art history, among which are 296 pieces of artists based in Daegu/Gyeongbuk. Not only, included are works of artists that led the Daegu/Gyeongbut art circles formed earlier than other regions nationwide while introducing western-style paintings regarded as new art in the early 20th century. LEE In-seong’s works of the ‘30s, that is, <A Pond> and <Hyangwonjeong> who made a big impact in the modern art history in Korea are also on the list. Daegu Art Museum as a representative local art museum, attaches a significance in the inclusion of such masterpieces.
Works of artists from Daegu/Gyeongbuk, and those of artists from other regions will be exhibited in Exhibition Hall 4 & 5, respectively, in the exhibition. It will be an intriguing chance for viewers to appreciate them and compare the modes of expressions by region resulting from the trends of time for these two types of works. Exhibition Hall 4 will exhibit works of Daegu/Gyeongbuk artists that became artists of a generation including LEE In-seong, KIM Yong-jo, BAE Myeong-hak and SON Il-bong. Moreover, exhibited works of figurative art are of KIM Su-myeong, KIM Jun-sik, KIM Chang-rak, KIM Ho-ryong, BAEK Rak-jong, BAEK Tae-ho, GANG U-mun, SEO Chang-hwan, SHIN Seok-pil, LEE Gyeong-hi and JEON Seok-taek. Abstract works are also to be presented including works of GWAK Hun, KIM Yong-su, NAM Chun-mo, LEE Bae and CHOE Byeong-so. Consequently, facets of contemporary and modern art in the regions will be shown.

Exhibition Hall 5 will present major western-style painting artists from other regions in the modern age: KIM Jong-tae, KIM In-seong, SHIM Hyeong-gu, SON Eun-seong and LEE Ma-dong. There will also be abstract works of LEE Eung-no, LEE U-hwan, LEE Ban, YUN Myeong-ro, LEE Sae-deuk and HAN Muk, along with figurative works of KIM Chung-seon, PARK Gak-sun, PARK Yeong-seong and LIM Gyu-sam. So, viewers can relish and compare artistic features of works in the two exhibition halls, while enjoy the artistic value of works in each hall. The exhibition will offer them an aesthetic ground with the nostalgic resonance.

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