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Past Exhibitions

Since 2012 the Daegu Art Museum has presented the Y Artist Project for the purpose of discovering and fostering capable young artists and providing those selected with great opportunities to grow into leading artists at home and abroad. In addition, participants will have a chance to hold their exhibitions at the museum. The Hyunmin Ryu Exhibition Show is a solo show featuring artist Hyunmin Ryu (1971- ) who initially majored in photography. He has interpreted his curiosity about the nature of art and casual events taking place within a social structure from his own distinct satirical perspective, transplanting his vision into a variety of mediums.
In this exhibition the artist approaches the underlying matters of the role of art and institutional art in terms of content through his encounter with the scene of the museum’s underground concrete-finished Project Room that spans an area of 852 m2. He employs a frame-story structure that is redolent of a theatrical stage in terms of form but sets a series of works representing the feeling of instability and the numerous challenges and frustrations he probably underwent in his everyday life in each booth as seen from the young artist’s point of view. This exhibition, which was designed to stir and bring out viewer imagination, will be a forum for the audience's subjective experience.

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