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Daegu Art Museum presents the second edition of the Animamix Biennale, after successfully holding the first edition in 2013. The exhibition seeks to enhance the public’s understanding of contemporary art, which expands and diversifies its genres and realms, particularly after the emergence of pop art, which attempted to incorporate animation and comics into art.
Animamix Biennale 2015-2016focuses on contemporary art exchanges and communication in Asia. Participating artists from the countries of Korea, China, Japan, and Hong Kong present works that reflect their respective identities through unique themes, styles, and narratives. The exhibited works will allow the visitors to feel a sense of solidarity from the common region of Asia and to sympathize with the experiences and expressions of the artists but simultaneously to feel a cultural, socio-political, and historical sense of disjunction. The biennale presents the work of 21 artists active in the regions of Asia and their diverse perspectives on contemporary art, as well as the latest works of Asia’s rising artists. Animamix Biennale 2015-2016, which encompasses a wide range of genres of contemporary art including painting, sculpture, installation, and media art under the common denominator of Animamix, is an artistic exploration of animation and comics, now established as fundamental components of art creation.
Exhibited works include media art by Sun Xun demonstrating how historical events imprinted in the memories of the general Chinese public are dramatized through the media in the form of animation by utilizing diverse techniques including charcoal drawing, painting, and woodblock printing; media installation by Wu Junyoung featuring a lyrical video inspired by Chinese literature and ancient poems and created through allegorical painting incorporating traditional art techniques, and therefore representing the reality and aesthetics of China; and paintings by Mr., who, unlike reality, introduces himself as an otaku with Lolita Complex, leading visitors to an exotic yet familiar world through an exquisite combination of the unique Japanese culture and manga. Moreover, Animamix Biennale 2015-2016presents the latest works of Wu Junyoung and Mr., whose works will be introduced in Korea for the first time, together with Lee Hyeong-gu’s latest series “Animatus,”anatomically exploring animation characters.
In addition, works by young Korean artists featuring a combination of artistic aesthetics and comic brilliance; 70 futurist fantasy paintings and a gigantic balloon sculpture that seems to have just jumped out from one of the paintings by Aya Takano, one of the major artists of the Kaikai KiKi Studio led by Takashi Murakami, along with Mr.; and the public participatory work “Tian Tian Xiang Shang”by Danny Yung, pioneer of contemporary art in Hong Kong who was the first person in the nation to express his character creation into a work of art will be exhibited in UMI Hall and Gallery 1 on the first floor of the Museum.
Animamix Biennale 2015-2016,like its previous edition, is organized in collaboration with major art museums of six Asian cities, and it is a valuable occasion for the role it plays in promoting international exchanges and actively supporting contemporary art of the respective countries, which could easily experience a decline, through regular communication and diverse collaborative efforts among host museums.

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