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Past Exhibitions

Exhibition for the 15th Lee In Sung Art Prize
Kim Jiwon: Wall of Painting
October 13, 2015 ~ February 9, 2016
Gallery 4 & 5, Daegu Art Museum
Daegu Art Museum will hold a solo exhibition of the works of Kim Jiwon, winner of the 15th LEE IN SUNGArt Prize, under the title Wall of Painting. Since the late 1980s, Kim Jiwon(B.1961) has continuously captured on his canvases certain objects in his surroundings and in the natural environment, through a process of persistent inquiry into the act of “painting” and into “painting” as the result.  Dealing with everyday objects, as well as objects or spaces with specific meaning to the artist such as Mendrami (cock’s comb), aircraft carriers and airports, Kim has unfolded a unique world of art that transcends the boundaries of traditional art, through an introspective scrutinizing of the essence of painting. Choosing a subject, the artist thoroughly observes and analyzes it so as to create his series of works. His “painting” does not stop at simple representation of what he has seen, but reveals the hidden and serves as a translation of the world, through an active process of narrowing or broadening his distance from the subject. Observing the appearance of the Mendrami, which goes into full bloom only to meet a wretched death, he contemplates on the life of humans as a mixture of joy, anger, sorrow and pleasure; and while painting walls of similar shapes he thinks about the uniformity and irrationality of the age we live in.
At this exhibition, viewers will take a look at the overall body of work by Kim Jiwon, including the Mendrami series, the Takeoff series, and the Similar Wall, Same Wall series, produced between 1998 and 2007, but newly shown in this exhibition as Untitled. Through the artist’s works, spectators will be able to identify his inquiries and solutions with regard to painting over the past 30 years, and to experience the virtues unique to painting amidst the diverse genres of contemporary art.
Accompanying Event
Artist talk with Kim Jiwon : Saturday, November 21, 2015, 3 pm.
The LEE IN SUNG Art Prize              
The LEE IN SUNG Art Prize was first established in 1999 to pay tribute to artist Lee In Sung and his spirit of art. Lee In Sung (1912~1950), known as the “genius artist from Daegu,” made great achievements in the history of Korean modern art. Since 2014, the award has been re-organized in a new direction, and is hosted by the Daegu Museum of Art. From among the mixture of diverse genres in the recent trends of contemporary art, the new LEE IN SUNG Art Prize selects prominent artists engaged in creative and experimental works, mainly in the field of two-dimensional art, to support the area of painting, which is no longer the mainstream of today’s art scene, and to promote balanced development in Korean contemporary art.

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