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ㅇ Exhibition title: The 22nd LEE INSUNG Art Prize Recipient Exhibition 《YOO Geun-Taek: Dialogue》
ㅇ Period: 8 November (Tue) 2022 – 15 January (Sun) 2023
ㅇ Venue: Gallery 2, 3 and Sunken Garden
ㅇ Participating artist: YOO Geun-Taek (1965-, Asan, Chungnam)
ㅇ Exhibition composition: 49 works composed of paintings, installation works, video works
Daegu Art Museum holds an exhibition of YOO Geun-Taek, the recipient of the 22nd LEE INSUNG Art Prize. LEE INSUNG Art Prize was established in 2000 by Daegu City and has been operating since then in order to commemorate LEE INSUNG, artist of Western painting, who made great milestones in the scope of achievements of Korean modern art. The 22nd honored recipient, YOO Geun-Taek, approaches oriental painting from a contemporary perspective, while trying experimental materials and images based on diverse themes of nature, humans, environment, and society.

Native to Asan of Chungnam, YOO Geun-Taek majored in oriental painting. Since his presence stood out in his solo exhibition in 1991, he is continuing his own art activities. To this day, the artist reinterprets contemporary phenomena and daily life based on oriental painting to express them in a way of his own. In his early works, he projects the roots, spirit, and historical vision of the nation onto the screen. As time goes by, the artist's gaze gradually shifts to everyday life, transforming the existence and time of “here and now” into art through observations and thoughts. At the same time, by embracing various sociocultural layers, he forms a bond of sympathy across generations, inspired by his innovative imagination and sensibility unique to the artist.
This exhibition is composed of representative works by time and new works created after being as a recipient of LEE INSUNG Art Prize, and they precisely display how the works have have undergone change with the passage of time. This exhibition will provide the audience with an opportunity to newly highlight the art world of YOO Geun-Taek, who has been consistently addressing the theme of “the narrative question about the time and extinction of existence.” His representative works include Remains-Toccata_Running, a huge 40-meter piece that shows the modern and contemporary history of Korea reflected through his grandmother's life, The Scenery Outside Window, which subtly transforms everyday life into a pictorial scene, Some landscape that expresses the anxiety amid the pandemic and chaotic world situations and a new Fountainseries.

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