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ㅇ Title : 2022 DArtist <Ratio of LEE Kyojun》
ㅇ Period : 2021. 10. 19(Tue) - 2022. 3. 27(Sun)
ㅇ Venue : Gallery 2, 3 / Sunken Garden
ㅇ Artist : LEE Kyojun
ㅇ Number and type of works : 140 works including paintings, photograph and three-di-memsional
This exhibition constitutes the DArtist Series organized by Daegu Art Museum since 2021, and it aims to provide an inspirational space to support creative activities of artists carrying out a dynamic career based in Daegu and Gyeongbuk while presenting their art world. This year’s selected artist, LEE Kyojun (1955 - ) has been enthusiastically engaged in works, for the past four decades, that not only seek unceasing contemplation of basic components of painting but also make rational exploration of the relevant field,

The term “Ratio” in the exhibition <Ratio of LEE Kyojun> can imply his art world over the past 40 years. It is a Latin word translated from Greek “logos.”The title meaning “reason” or “rationality”represents the distinctive art world constructed by LEE Kyojun.

Since the late 1970s, LEE Kyojun has been constantly conducting formative experiments trying a variety of media such as photography, installation, three-dimensional work, and painting In particular, since the 1990, he has been building an original art world of his own that pursues expansion of the universe of geometric expression counting on the basic formative elements such as lines, planes, and colors based on understated forms and compositions. This exhibition intends to make a multidirectional approach to his art world by presenting his unreleased recent works as well as the collection of works classified by series.

As the artist states, the formative methods based on grids and simple colors created by those commonplace lines that intersect in a horizontal and vertical manner are the very elements that always accompany our life. This exhibition will provide an opportunity to not only explore the originality of the art world of LEE Kyojun who has established a formative world in a distinctive manner of his own but also inquire into the significance of his art in terms of art history.

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