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ㅇ Title : 2022 DArtist Park Changseo 《Position/Proposition
ㅇ Period : 2022. 6. 14(Tue) - 2022. 10. 3(Sun)
ㅇ Venue : Gallery 4, 5
ㅇ Artist : Park Changseo

Daegu Artist Series “DArtist”organized by Daegu Art Museum is a project shining a spotlight, through exhibitions, on the art world of active artists based in Daegu and Gyeongbuk who have been selected in the categories divided into established artists and senior artists. PARK Changseo (1974 - , Cheongdo of Gyeongbuk) selected in the category of the established DArtist in 2022 graduated from College of Arts of Keimyung University and received his Ph.D. in Fin Art from Université Paris 1 Panthéon-Sorbonne, France after having completed the Master’s course in Plastic Arts at the same university.
The exhibition Position/Proposition introduces the innovative works of conceptual artist Park Changseo, in media ranging from painting and sculpture to installation and video art. Emphasizing ideas and concepts over materials and physical aspects, all of the works reveal the astounding depth of the artist’s mind. Park typically works within the context of post-conceptual art, often utilizing or appropriating art history as a medium.
The exhibition is divided between two primary themes—“landscape” and “memory”—which are explored in Gallery 4 and 5, respectively. Gallery 4 highlights the From Your Memory series, in which images of gray clouds are juxtaposed with language. In order to represent clouds, which continuously move and change, Park eschewed the conventional paint and brush in favor of acrylic spray paint. The resulting works capture the extraordinary nature of ordinary clouds, which embody the eternal cycle of creation and disappearance. Similarly, the images themselves seem to change and shift in the eye of the viewer, with either the clouds or text taking precedence depending on one’s distance and position. Through this keen sense of space, the artist reveals his ways of transforming images into language.
Meanwhile, the works in Gallery 5 address the theme of “memory.” In particular, various works from Park’s Remember Me series, which he has passionately devoted himself to, are arranged in the center of the gallery in the form of a chapel. Entering the gallery, the viewer’s eye is immediately drawn to a neon sign of the phrase “Remember Me,” along with a bed in the center of the chapel and a sponge tomb inscribed with sentences. All of these unusual objects draw upon the work of artists who have now passed away, and thus serve as a type of memorial. Notably, however, rather than appropriating material elements, Park instead borrows and reinterprets the ordinary words or conceptual language of the earlier works.
Position/Propositionaims to demonstrate the unlimited potential of conceptual art to the public through works of diverse media. In the title, the word “position” refers to the artistic perception of the time and place where Park Changseo is now living as an artist. Placing himself at the intersection of different cultural, art historical, and spatial contexts, Park offers us his works as a “proposition” drawn from that perception.

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