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ㅇ Title: Daegu Art Museum Collection Exhibition A Season of Meditation
ㅇ Period: 1.25-5.29, 2022 (125 days, 108 open days)
ㅇ Venue: Daegu Art Museum Galleries 2, 3, 4, 5
ㅇ Artists: 38 artists including SUH Seok, CHOI Manlin, Kwonjungho, Tim EITEL, LEE Taeho, CHOI Hak Lo, and HAN Unsung
ㅇ Contents: An exhibition beginning with consideration regarding people and comparing the stories they face in their life journeys to the seasons, and examining those through the Daegu Art Museum’s collection.
ㅇ Scale: 93 works of painting, photography, sculpture, and new media in the Daegu Art Museum’s collection.
 For the past two years, we have faced the situation of daily life hobbling as we felt a threat to our survival due to the fear instilled by a virus invisible to our eyes. We come to ask many questions in such an environment. They are questions like “Will we be able to return to our previous lives? What kind of lives will we end up encountering in the future?” COVID-19 has brought about rapid changes in our daily routines. Among them, the unavoidable social distancing reduced individuals’ social activities and led to a sense of isolation, but it also allowed us to look inside ourselves following self neglect in our relationships with others, and it gave us time to observe other people from another distance.
 A Season of Meditation is an exhibition including consideration regarding people, who are natural beings of finite life but also have infinite thoughts. This exhibition consists of the four themes “Possessing Life,” “Observing the Everyday,” “Viewing Oneself,” and “Querying the World.” The exhibition seeks to examine human life, departing from life to continue on to oneself, others and, further, relationships, in comparison to the four seasons of spring, summer, autumn, and winter. Spring, which announces the commencement of life, summer, when we enjoy energized daily life, autumn, which gives us time for thought, and winter, a cause for us to spend long nights lost in thought. We intend for this to be a time for reflecting on our lives, which each of us should have pondered like the flow of seasons, nature’s cycle.
 For this exhibition, we have selected 93 of 1,840 works in the Daegu Museum of Art’s collection and weaved them together by theme. Through such curated collection exhibitions, we seek for the accumulating artworks in our collection to ceaselessly be the present and a medium for communicating with the public through continuous research and new interpretations, and not simply be kept sleeping in storage. Beginning with the current curated collection exhibition, A Season of Meditation, we plan to present more diverse works from the collection to the public as a medium of sharing.
 A Season of Meditation is like the story of our lives, which change by the flow of time and the seasons. It is an exhibition at which to simultaneously think about contemplation and questions anyone might have had about life at some point. A book by Michael Hauskeller titled The Meaning of Life and Death, holding thinkers’ answers regarding life and death, includes the following sentence. “The question of life awaits an expression that is not a right answer.” As these words proclaim, diverse interpretations and expressions regarding life await you. We hope this will be a time of expression regarding your lives as you feel your own free questions and emotions.

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