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Past Exhibitions

○ Title : 21st LEE INSUNG Art Prize Recipient Exhibition
            《KANG YO-BAE: Carnation-When Mind Becomes Body》
○ Period : Oct. 13 (Wed.), 2021 ~ Jan. 9 (Sun.), 2022.
○ Venue : Galleries 2, 3 / Sunken Garden
○ Artist : Kang Yo-bae (b.1952)
○ Composition: Over 40 pieces of large painting, installation, and video.
   Each recipient of the annually awarded LEE INSUNG Art Prize, established in 2000, is granted a one-person exhibition the year following their selection. The LEE INSUNG Art Prize, which has solidified its status over 20-plus years, focuses on artists whose unique, painting-centered practices are statement-making within contemporary art‘s flow where various genres coexist. Kang Yo-bae is the 21st recipient and was selected in 2020 with the appraisal, “demonstrates a dense art realm while adding to the expansion and depth of the painting medium, and pursues various transformations in style while remaining faithful to the era and history through continuous work of extensive time.“ 
The KANG YO-BAE: Carnation_When Mind Become Body exhibition spreads out the artist’s wide-ranging art realm by including video work the artist personally filmed while focusing on sound and movement, Sangju silk installation art with the Daegu-Gyeongsan area’s historic events as the motif, and paintings with the motif of the late painter Lee Insung’s representative art, as well as large paintings of Mother Nature. Most of this exhibition’s works were freshly made in 2021; the artist created large paintings and installation pieces in the brief lead-up period of less than a year through his passionate artistic spirit.
The artist’s attitude penetrating this exhibition’s works of various forms is none other than embodiment. The artist, who has been working with Jeju’s nature and historic incidents as his main themes, seeks to present, through this exhibition, a practice expanded as manifestation through the body. The artist’s gestures (action) and the sounds they produce seem to intersect with nature’s wind and wave sounds in the acrylic brush strokes in the large canvas works Water-Wind Symphony, Strike Strike, and Garden After Bavi. The artist used the medium of video to effectively deliver nature’s lively breathing sounds through the senses of sight and sound. He induces the viewer to elevate the meaning of natural landscapes by capturing momentary movements and embodying messages stamped in the mind and heart through the body to then express them through the artist’s perspective and the five senses. Also, one can contemplate the Daegu region’s historic qualities through Kang’s work in this exhibition. He consistently reveals the popular awareness prominently established in his painting praxis realm by presenting new work with Gyeongsan’s Cobalt Mine Massacre and October Resistance as the motifs.
Kang Yo-bae expands the boundaries of his painting style and art realm with this exhibition as the starting point. We hope the artist’s present one-person exhibition, displaying various artistic attempts with a focus on painting, will be an experience of embodying human life, historic events, and nature’s breathing sounds through the body.

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