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ㅇ Title : The Special Exhibition on Lee Kun-hee Collection titled Welcome Home: A Feast of Art
ㅇ Period : June 29 - August 29, 2021
ㅇ Venue : Gallery 4. 5, Daegu Art Museum
ㅇ Artists :  Seo Dongjin,  Seo Jindal, Lee Insung, Lee Qoede, Byun Chongha , Kim Chongyung, Yoo Youngkuk , Moon Hakjin
ㅇ Composition : Number and type of works - 40 works including paintings, drawings, sculptures, and 2 archive videos

The Special Exhibition on Lee Kun-hee Collection titled Welcome Home: A Feast of Art was curated to artworks donated by the bereaved family of late Samsung chairman and art collector Lee Kun-hee who passed away on October 25, 2020.  
The late chairman led his company with a long-term view for the future which would positively impact not only Samsung but also the society as a whole. His community spirit and values for win-win growth affected him in collecting cultural properties and artworks, and appreciating them. Collecting artworks for him was derived from an insight on scalability of the power of culture by creating some infrastructure for the entire society –and for the individuals’sake –and enable the citizens to relish it. His commitment for culture resulted in founding art museums, conducting research and sponsoring wide-ranging aspects of the culture. Moreover, his passion to enhance the national culture, pursue philanthropy and share profits with the society as a whole has returned “Lee Kun-hee Collection”to the people of Korea in the form of a huge art feast.
In particular, 21 works of eight artists donated to Daegu Art Museum manifest his big heart for his hometown of Daegu. We came to encounter masterpieces of Lee Insung and Lee Qoede with astonishing artistic accomplishments in the modern Korean art history as well as those of Seo Dongjin and Seo Jindal who contributed to forming the Western art circles in the early phase in Daegu. The collection also enabled us to take a look at the entirety of the Korean art through artworks of outstanding artists: sculptor Kim Chongyung at the forefront of abstract sculpture in the transitional period towards the contemporary art; Yoo Youngkuk known for Korean-style abstract painting; Moon Hakjin, the firstgeneration abstract artist; and Byun Chongha of new figurative art.
Thus, this exhibition is a platform to unravel late chairman Lee Kun-hee’s love for the culture of the humankind, and generous gift for his hometown Daegu. Lastly, we would like to commemorate his spirit of cultural preservation and his solemn intent of sharing with others.

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