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Past Exhibitions

○ Title: : DArtist 1-Jeong Eun Ju Under the Green
                              DArtist 1-Cha Kyu Sun About Scenery
○ Period : 2021. 02.02.(Tue) ~ 05.23.(Sun)
○ Venue : Exhibition Rooms 2, 3 and Sunken Garden at Daegu Art Museum
○ Artist : Jeong Eun Ju, Cha Kyu sun
○ Composition
   - Jeong Eun Ju: 19 painting and installation works
   - Cha Kyu sun: 37 painting

From 2020, Daegu Art Museum started operating DArtist – Daegu Artist Series to promote development of regional art and activate research by discovering and fostering regional artists. For DArtist Series, the selection is made dividing into two groups of artists, established artists and senior artists. As the first series of DArtist, this exhibition will present works of Jeong Eun Ju and Cha Kyu Sun. The exhibition will be held in a form of a solo exhibition by separating two spaces. This exhibition will provide us with an opportunity of approaching their artistic achievements in the genre of painting and spectrums of contemporary art of Daegu along with possibilities of major artists from our country.
Jeong Eun Ju embraces colors filling the entire canvas. For her, colors exist crossing the border of symbols. From the beginning, she has been focusing on “colors.” The color field figurative work, which started from 2000, coming back from her study in Germany, newly created time and space inside the work while laying colors one upon another using a spray on the wood and canvas overlapping the smooth surface (field) in a similar manner. The artist encountered limitation in the work making the smooth surface (field) by the repetitive use of a spray, and was not able to feel the real “breath.” Therefore, from 2017, she declared, “return to painting,” and began to lay colors on the canvas and wood committed to using brushes. This exhibition will be composed of painting works and some wood sculpture work inviting us to her world of “return to painting.” The exhibition that is presented in Exhibition Room 3, Sunken Garden and a part of Exhibition Room 2 will allow us to feel “breath” of artist Jeong Eun Ju inviting us to the feast full of colors painted with brushes.
The landscape expressed by Cha Kyu Sun is simply unusual. The subject matters used for his landscape constitute mountain, trees and flowers, which are easily available around us. However, when painting nature, he is able to embrace mentality and emotions, which are invisible yet perceptible, on the canvas because he paints nature not only as a mere object but with oneness between nature and his soul, in other word, unity between nature and a human.
The landscape of Cha Kyu Sun portrays with the technique of the so-called “Buncheong painting” and is evaluated to encompass harmony between technique of the Western painting and Oriental spirit. The fact that the artist has been immersed in the sole theme, “landscape” for nearly 25 years to represent intrinsic local lyricism and nostalgic mood must mean that the space and place of this kind always dwell in his heart. The exhibition held in the Exhibition Room 2 shows the serial works of landscape classified by the time stage, comprising early stage work (1995-2001), stage of Buncheong painting (2001-2019) and the stage of the recent work (2019-2020), through which we can sense evolution of depth in his serial works of landscape according to the flow of stage. 

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