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The 10th Anniversary of Daegu Art Museum Archive Exhibition: The First Decade
○ Title: The First Decade
○ Period: Feb. 23. ~ June. 13. 2021
○ Venue: Gallery 4, 5
○ Composition: Daegu Art Museum’s archives including documents, pictures, videos, newspapers, and 2 works of Daegu Art Museum’s Collection, interview videos etc. 

The Daegu Art Museum celebrates its 10th anniversary this year. The Daegu Art Museum finally opened on May 26, 2011 after extended preparations thanks to the sustained effort and passion of the local art community and many others. At this point, ten years later, we organized First Decadeto display the Daegu Art Museum's narrative from its preparations for establishment to the present.
The exhibition consists of two parts. In "Part 1: Preparations for the Narrative," we cover the period from 1997, when preparations for opening the museum began, to just before the Daegu Art Museum opened in 2011. We divide this dynamic period into three time lines and present it with a focus on a series of events. "Part 2: The Narrative of a Decade" covers the Daegu Art Museum's activity since its opening to today.
Since it opened, the Daegu Art Museumhas been establishing its museum identity while performing the museum functions of collecting and exhibiting art, education, and promotion. To date, it has collected 1,541 pieces of art and curated 106 exhibitions while communicating with citizens by developing various education programs and through online and offline promotion. First Decadeis the Daegu Art Museum's first archive exhibition presented based on art museum resources. Also, it is an exhibition of records wholly holding the Daegu Art Museum's footsteps. We seek to reflect on our footsteps and have a springboard for a fresh leap after those steps through this exhibition. We hope for this to become an opportunity to share with viewers the Daegu Art Museum's story, which will transcend the first decade and continue into the second and third decades and the ensuing time.


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