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Past Exhibitions

○ Title: Daegu Art Museum 10th Anniversary Celebration, Daegu Early Modern Art Exhibition Era and Terra
○ Period: Feb. 2 - May 30, 2021.
○ Venue: Daegu Art Museum  UMI HALL, Gallery 1
○ Artist : KANG Unseob, KANG Hongcheol, GWAK Seokgyu, KWON Jinho, KEUM Kyungyeon,KIM Soomyung, KIM Yeonggyo, KIM Yongjo. KIM Yongjun, KIM Ujo, KIM Junsik, KIM Jinman, KIM Chang-rak, KIM Horyong, NAM Gwan, PARK Gwangho, PARK Gidon, PARK Myeongjo, PARK Inchae, BAE Myunghak, BAE Hyowon, BAEK Rakjong, BAEK Taeho, BYUN Jongha, SEO Dongkyoon, SEO Dongjin, SEO Byeonggeon, SEO Byungki, SEO Byung-o, SEO Byeongju, SEO Sangha, SEO Seokgyu, SUH Seok, SEO Jindal, SON Ilbong, SHIN Sukpil, LEE Kyonghee, LEE Bok, LEE Sangbeom, LEE Sangjung, LEE Sangchoon, LEE Yeosung, LEE Insung, LEE Jungseob, LEE Qoede, JANG Seoksoo, JEON Seontaek, CHUNG Jeom-shik, JOO Kyung, CHOI Keunbae, CHOI Yeongrim, CHOI Hwasoo, CHOO Yeongeun, HAN Mook, HAM Daejeong, HEO Seop, HWANG Gisik, HWANG Suljo, KOBAYASI Mango, TAKAYANAGI Taneyuki, Yasui Sotaro, UMEHARA Ryuzaburo, ISHII Hakutei

This exhibition explores Daegu's earlier modern art. The meaning of local art history in art's large stream and flow is in it being DNA inscribed in members of the local community across generations of people who shared the same spaces and time. Art displays inherited and engraved spirits, and it records the outward appearances of evolving cultures while attesting to the times.
In the Daegu Art Museum's tenth-anniversary early modern art exhibition, Era and Terra, we sought to include fettered-history-living and era-cultivating Daegu artists' achievements and surmounting of extreme challenges, as well as the artistic ideals they dreamt of and their zeitgeist. Having accompanied the great historic events of Japanese Occupation, Liberation, and the Korean War, the earlier part of Korea's modern era is remembered more as a time of resentment and troubles than through the romantic words of civilization and development. Nevertheless, art ridiculed and lamented the sad era and overcame pain while sublimating it as ideals. A journey implying such a reflection of the era runs through different facets of Daegu's early modern art.
This exhibition included in the period of early modern art the time between the 1920s, when a new art began with the introduction of Western-style painting tools, and the 1950s, when people were overcoming the scars of war. The exhibition comprises five sections representing the Daegu artists and art world's characteristics, which changed with the times. Particularly, we painted a big picture of Daegu's early modern art through the ideals of Lee Sang-jung, the first figure to transmit Western art to Daegu and an artist newly discovered in this exhibition. We also seek to present, through art from the 1950s, the latent motive force behind Daegu art's advancement into the present era.


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