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Past Exhibitions

○ Title: 'We’, are in the ‘CAGE’_Akdong Museum2
○ Period: Nov. 17, 2020 ~ Jan. 17, 2021
○ Venue: view lounge 3F
○ Artists: 15child artists & Hyun-min Ryu, Hyo-chan Ahn
Kwon dong hyeon, Kim dan kyeng, Kim do young, Kim ji min, Kim ji woo, Kim ji yu, Park hyeong jin, Bae ji hwan, Sim yerin, Lee sun woo, Oh su min, Sophia Chang, Choi jihwan, Heo yun jin, Hwang hye jeong

"'We’, are in the ‘CAGE’_Akdong Museum2" is an exhibition to introduce video works that are the fruits of exploration for “us” to live together beyond “myself.” In this exhibition, ideas and expressions of 15 child artists have been projected in a single work with the artistic motif from artist AHN Hyochan. Curatorial artist AHN expresses the images of the current society as “pigs” and “construction sites.” What would be the perspective of child artists towards his works? “A single story” was completed by gathering and fine-tuning the thoughts of 15 child artists. Throughout the course, the child artists took part in such a peaceful and mature manner, and their attitude towards the work was somewhat serious, and the message they intended to convey through the work was clear. Moreover, such a process was even more significant because it was the outcome of mutual understanding cooperation to create a single story. This exhibition sets as a platform for us to encounter the world we live in through the work of "We, are in the ‘CAGE’ by Akdong Museum2" born out of communication and bonding among child artists (children) and artists (adults).

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