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Past Exhibitions

○ Title : <Cho Duck Hyun: to thee> Exhibition of the winner artist of the 20th LEEINSUNG Art Prize.
○ Period : November 3, 2020 – January 17, 2021
○ Venue: Exhibition Rooms 2 & 3 / Sunken Gardenof Daegu Art Museum
○ Artist: Cho Duck Hyun (b. 1957)
○ Composition: more than 50 works composed of large-scale paintings and installations

Daegu Art Museum has the honor to hold a solo exhibition of Cho Duck Hyun, the winner of the 20th LEEINSUNG Art Prize. In 2000, LEEINSUNG Art Prize was established to honor art world and spirit of art of Lee Insung (1912-1950) who is widely known as a genius artist born in Daegu and had left epoch-making achievement in Korea’s modern art history. The duty of this significant Art Prize was transferred to Daegu Art Museum from 2014. LEEINSUNG Art Prize aims to actively support painting, which is gradually considered a nonstream in the genre of contemporary art, and reach balanced development in our country’s contemporary art, by selecting influential artists, who continue to try original and experimental approaches focusing on plane (2D) works in the stream of contemporary art where diverse genres are mingled.
Cho Duck Hyun, the winner of the 20th LEEINSUNG Art Prize, has been illustrating people and memories forgotten in the flow of time in the narrative structure by using the technique of reproducing old black-and-white photographs on the canvas and Jangji (traditional Korean paper). On the other hand, he has been focusing on the project of excavation to create virtual history and new stories. In addition, he has been constantly carrying out experimental works trying collaborative works covering a variety of genres such as literature, archeology and music.
The title of this exhibition to theecan be explained by a theme embracing the general way of his works. It encompasses values to reconsider from the perspective of the present and future as continuation of the issues of memories (that shine in the part left out by macro-history) he has been addressing so far. In this sense, “thee” can be both a finish line, and a starting point to manifest ardent desire or urgency. This exhibition connecting Exhibition Room 2, Sunken Garden and Exhibition Room 3 of Daegu Art Museum constitutes more than 40 2D works including an extra-large new painting work (Flashforward, width 970cm/height 390cm) and three large installation projects including the work taking advantage of the Exhibition Room 3 in the ingenious manner (the garden of sounds, site-specific installation work). In particular, Cho Duck Hyun explains his new works were inspired by how people of Daegu and Gyeongbuk had bravely overcome the threat of COVID-19 in last spring beating adversities, through which he was deeply moved. Later, when he was visiting different corners of Yeongnam region, he was overwhelmed with a sense of awe and wonder before long history and grand nature of the region. These served as important motifs for creation of his new works. Each space of Exhibition Room evokes an independent narrative, but various spaces are organically tied forming a moving line as if to see an extra-large installation work.
We hope that this exhibition can provide you with a special opportunity to explore the artist’s introspection and insight of the reality that are reflected through each work’s details, ensemble and the entire context of the exhibition with delicate touches and gaze, during the journey of appreciation where a broad spectrum of his 2D works composed of photography and painting is connected to installation works and the field oeuvres accompanied by melodies of Yun Isang. 

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