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Past Exhibitions

○ Title: CHONG JAE-KYOO – Breathing of Light
○ Period: July 7 (Tue)  – October 18 (Sun), 2020
○ Venue: Exhibition Rooms 4, 5 at Daegu Art Museum
○ Artist: Chong Jae-Kyoo (b. 1949)
○ Composition: 53 photographic and installations works


From July 7 to October 18, Daegu Art Museum holds an exhibition of Chong Jae-Kyoo, an artist native to Daegu, and living in France. He move to France in 1978 after participating in the 10th Paris Biennale in 1977 since then, he has been carrying out his artistic activities in France for more than four decades. Since 1991, Jung has been expanding recording attributes of photography. By exploring placeness inherent in the photographic images, and highlighting vividness of perspective, he has displayed work series emphasizing light that photography experiences, and he called the series “formative photography.” To put it in a simple manner, his “formative photography” shows a photographic language as perception by deconstructing one-dimensional photographic images. For the purpose of this, he uses a variety of techniques using photographic images such as clipping, pasting, all-over, weaving and calligraphy. Through this process, Jung secures basic formativeness as an artwork and inquires into profound meaning of art and the universe. 

This exhibition that will take place in Exhibition Rooms 4 and 5 mainly constitutes <Mont Sainte-Victoire> series and <Les Arches> that form the base of his formative photography from the early stage to the present, as well as the formative photography series depicting images of Gyeongju. Chong has been constantly paying attention to the divided situation of the Korean Peninsula and recognized this as a problem of difference. Based on this recognition, he overcame this problem of difference as the concept of light and manifested possibilities towards a more elevated dimension. “Light” is an indispensable element in photography. The significance of “light” is relocated by Chong. In other words, Chong’s “formative photography” is something that describes the symbolic image of light in a perceptive manner. By involving a human body, it allows us to experience simultaneity of time composed of the past time and the present time and make us finally realize the meaning of light through it. Chong Jae-Kyoo will lead us to new experience of breathing of light.

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