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Past Exhibitions

○ Title: New Communion
○ Period: June 16 (Tue), ~ September 13(Sun), 2020 (90 days)
○ Venue: Gallery 1
○ Artists: KWON Sejin, KIM Sungsoo, KIM Anna, KIM Youngsup, KIM Jonghee, SHIM Yun, RHEE Jiyoung, OH Junghyang, JANG Mee, JANG Yongkeun, JEONG Jaebeom, INSOOK Hwang.
○ Composition: Approx. 100 works including paintings, sculptures, photography, videos, and installations.

Daegu Art Museum presents the exhibition New Communion from June 16th (Tue) through September 13th (Sun).
Amidst life and livelihoods being threatened around the world due to the recent influence of COVID-19 pandemic, the crisis arising in ordinary daily life raises issues transcending individual lives and reaching into solidarity, dignity, and safety. We live in times when the motive forces and standards that moved society are breaking down in succession before a reality never experienced before, and when emergency text alerts, at times sent out multiple times in a single day, have become commonplace. However, through experiencing this disaster, we are breaking with familiar inertia to find new ways of life and alternatives. We have witnessed the efforts and dedication of many people who protected our daily lives in the process, and we also experienced a higher level of civic awareness. At this point, when an ordinary day has been precious, the exhibition seeks to deliver a message of comfort and hope as if to offer warm words to exhausted you and me by illuminating the meanings of the value of daily life, freedom, and individual and communal life. New Communion seeks the value of a life of sharing and solidarity in the post-Corona era. 12 of Daegu's promising emerging and established artists present contents directly and indirectly connected to COVID-19 through the media of photography, painting, video, and installation art. Through records, observation, experiences, and imagination, they present our era's aspects that could be found in the disaster, which one can readily sympathize with. Inasmuch as COVID-19 is a collective experience the entire world shares, it is hoped that this exhibition will serve as an opportunity to remember the value and significance of solidarity in a community's space-time, and to harmoniously work with the current times through art.

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