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100 Collective Signatures of Daegu Art Museum

Daegu Art Museum presents an exhibition titled 100 Collective Signatures of Daegu Art Museumfrom January 24 (Fri) to May 17 (Sun). The exhibition is a preliminary exhibition to commemorate the 10thanniversary of the art museum, seeking to examine its next decade through its collections. That the art museum houses works, that is, children of artists, is fruit being borne and a sheer joy. Housing artists’ works for the art museum represents it face and pride. Continuously researching and preserving the collections as cultural assets is a great feat. Daegu Art Museum has strived to house works of artists that have led a new trend in the international contemporary art including major artists’ works of modern and contemporary art in Daegu since 2007 – a period of preparation for its opening. This exhibition is to present the top collections of 100 collective signatures out of 1,307 artworks housed at Daegu Art Museum.
It will offer an opportunity to show Daegu Art Museum’s directions in its collections and key performance, while introducing outstanding works. The exhibition is to showcase 100 pieces including the already introduced works of representative artists of home and abroad and newly introduced ones out of 1,307 artworks collected by Daegu Art Museum. It is the largest exhibition in the number of collective signatures to be shown, serving as a catalyst to further develop and archive collections by publishing a preliminary catalogue. The exhibition will bring forth the fruit of collecting and preserving collections – the most critical role of the art museum it has been most passionate about – and cater to the cultural needs of citizens to relish artworks.

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