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Past Exhibitions

○ Title: 2019 Special Exhibition of Lee In-sung <Daegu, Home of the Artist>
○ Period: Nov. 5 (Tue), 2019 ~ Jan. 12 (Sun), 2020
○ Venue: Section 4, Exhibition Hall 2
○ Artist: Lee In-sung (1912-1950)
○ Composition: 18 flat paintings, archives and documentary videos, etc.

Daegu City has established and operated the LEEINSUNG Art Prize since 2002 to honor Lee In-sung (1912-1950), a genius painter from Daegu, and seek for further development in the field of painting. The art prize selects and awards a winner each year among artists that are engaged in their exclusive painting career, and a solo exhibition is held to shed light on a winner in the next year.
A special exhibition was prepared to shed a light on artist Lee In-sung’s oeuvre in order to inherit the artistic spirit of Lee In-sung from Daegu with the 2020 LEEINSUNG Art Prize marking the 20th anniversary coming soon. For painter Lee that underwent a dark tunnel of the Japanese colonial rule, Daegu as his hometown was the only light. Despite the gloomy circumstances of the times and an impoverished family background, he gained full support and encouragement from locale in his hometown to grow as a master in the modern times. His golden age from the 30s to the 40s was when he focused on his work in Daegu and Japan. Against this backdrop, the exhibition of <Daegu, Home of the Artist> intensively introduced 20 years of his golden age in painting. His major pieces to reflect his regional and psychological contexts in his hometown were carefully selected to be presented. His exhibits are classified into figure paintings and still-life paintings which served as his psychological basis as well as landscape paintings as the fundamental background of his works. His archives and documentaries are introduced for the audience to better understand his life. It will serve as a great opportunity to examine the significances of circumstances in times and a hometown for an artist.

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