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Past Exhibitions

Daegu Art Museum presents a retrospective exhibition of Jeon Seon Taek (1922~ ), Daegu’s representative senior artist, from January 29 to May 19 as the first exhibition for 2019. This retrospective exhibition to look back on his 80 years of artistic career will recap and shed light on his oeuvre: his broad search for themes and formative experimentation transcending abstract and figurative arts. It will offer opportunities to rediscover faces of the artist who devoted his life to painting: his expression of the deep inner world of his through banal objects – everyday life still life, animals, nature and people – without being constrained by forms and compositional attitudes in approaching art and life through stability-driving works through balance and harmony. Moreover, it is intended to deepen the research of the art history of Daegu, while revisiting his roles and positioning in the course of developing the basis of modern and contemporary art in Daegu.

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