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ㅇ Title : Humorland & Co., 2021 Y Artists Project
ㅇ  Period : September 14 (Tuesday) - December 26 (Sunday), 2021
ㅇ  Venue : Gallery 4 & 5, Daegu Art Museum
ㅇ  Artists: CHOI Sujin, JANG Jongwan, LEE Joonyong, LEE Seunghee, KIM Younggyu
ㅇ  Composition: 134 works composed of painting, drawing, installation, video works
In celebration of the 10th anniversary, Daegu Art Museum is happy to invites you to a new version of Y Artists Project in September. We changed the format of exhibition from a solo exhibition to a "thematic exhibition" to present a variety of artists under the same leitmotif. The first chapter of this new format is entitled "Humorland & Co." with connotation of "humor" manifesting diverse facets and spectrums of society and art in a straight and bold manner. Thus, the special event will take you to the world of 130 creative works of five artists, CHOI Sujin, JANG Jongwan, LEE Joonyong, LEE Seunghee, KIM Younggyu. 
According to the dictionary definition of "humor," it refers to words or behavior making others laugh, as well as joke and jest. To make humor understood, it is necessary to have a clear structure suiting the purpose based on emotional trust by sharing a certain world. For this reason, humor is beyond the mere meaning of "making others laugh." Sociologist KIM Chanho states that humor is imbued with creativity that captures an experience or a situation from a new perspective, allowing expansion of a bond of empathy and elevation of a sense of union. An instantaneously captured moment, a contradictory narrative structure, decontextualization, a liberated way of imagination all lead to a spontaneous laughter, contributing to sharing of various emotions and ideas at the same time. In sum, humor transforms sorrow of life into delight and laughter to create a bond of empathy and relieve tension providing a leisurely space of repose for a while. In other words, humor gives energy to start anew. 
Five artists who gathered for this exhibition establish the creative world of their own, by approaching "humor" as an expression of joy, reflection of chaotic reality of society, profound self-exploration and liberated ideas and imagination. The artists seriously touch upon multidirectional interpretation of the world and reality on which they step on in their unique way, through the code "humor." We expect that Humorland & Co. can give us an opportunity to discover a visual expression realm of humor created by artists in their 30s living in 2021, furthermore, to allow us to contemplate the roles and meaning of humor in art and life the artists happily invite. ★☆

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