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Daegu Art Museum

Daegu Art Museum, a municipal art museum inaugurated in May 2011 and supported by the Daegu Municipal Government, is confident it is at the highest level of artwork management and exhibition halls. The museum has presented exhibitions promoting Daegu art's advancement through study and the re-illumination of Daegu modern and contemporary art's historical value.

The museum also has planned exhibitions introducing social, artistic issues of the times and leading trends in theglobal art scene through domestic and overseas exchanges. It has also executed diverse performances and events, such as celebrity invitation lectures and academic programs for children, teenagers, and citizens of all ages, in harmony with the museum spaces.

On the third floor of the museum building visitors find the Art Information Center where they can peruse art-related books and a lounge where they can take a rest. The museum will develop quality programs to improve viewer satisfaction and will sincerely perform the role of creative cultural forum together with citizens, offering careful service while leading the times.
  • Museum size
    • Land area: 71,202m2
    • Building area: 8,807.27m2
    • Surface area: 21,701.44m2

  • Building composition
    • 1B: Project Room / Storage / Machine Equipment Room / Multi-purpose Hall / Auditorium / Art Shop / offices
    • 2F: Gallery 2 / Gallery 3 / Gallery 4 / Gallery 5
    • 3F: Art Information Center / View Lounge

  • Organization : Two departments (Curatorial Office / Administration & Support Department)

  • Location : Misoolgwan-ro 40 (374, Samdeok-dong), Suseong-gu, Daegu, S. Korea

  • Main Tel. : +82.(0)53-803-7900