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○ Title : 2018 Collection <Vertical Impulse, Horizontal Impulse>
○ Period : 9th January. 2018 - 29th April. 2018
○ Venue : Gallery 4, 5
○ Works : Around 50pieces (Painting, Sculpture, Photograph, Installation, Media etc)
○ Artist : KANG Un, Boomoon, KIM Yongsu, KIM Yunjong, KIM Inbai, Dan Flavin, Richard Long, Richard Serra, PARK Sukwon, PARK Chanmin, PARK Hyunki, SHIM Moonpil, WON Beomsik, LEE Kwangho, LEE Myoungho, LEE Bae, YeeSookyung, LEE Youngryung, Yinka Shonibare, CHUN Kukkwang, Julian Opie, CHOI Byungso, CHOI Jeonghwa, Takashi Kuribayashi, Tony Cragg
Vertical Impulse, Horizontal Impulseis an exhibition on collections selectively composed of artworks which exhibit such structural forms as ‘verticality’ and ‘horizontality’ among the collections of Daegu Art Museum.
The exhibition started from the fundamental form of figurative expressions of ‘verticality’ and ‘horizontality’. And yet, such figurative forms of ‘verticality’ and ‘horizontality’ are determined as specific images only when they are combined with an artist’s ‘impulses’ which dominate them. Therefore, the title of Vertical Impulse vs. Horizontal Impulse is a combination of basic forms of figurative expressions and an artist’s impulses, that is, artistic desires.
Moreover, the exhibition has configured the artworks in ‘vertical’ and ‘horizontal’ structures by separating them in each exclusive room in order to proactively encompass vertical or horizontal ‘impulses’ of observers in an exhibition space. The works in a vertical structure cover all types, ranging from geometrical forms on the premise of simple structures and strict rules to the forms which pay extra attention to psychological effects such as human desire to build things and climb them up. Meanwhile, the works in a horizontal structure, unlike the ones in the vertical structure, invite attention to the relationships between a space and a form. While a room in a vertical structure emphasizes anxiety and tension, the one in a horizontal room offers emotional relaxation to walk, watch and rest.

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