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Daegu Art Museum presents the exhibition of Seokjae SEO Byeongo (1862~1936) who opened up the world of Daegu Art as one of the first exhibitions to usher in spring. Known as the ‘genius from Yeongnam’ in modern times, he is a literary painter who excelled in three areas of poetry, calligraphy and painting following Chusa KIM Jeonghi. His genius and artistic sense of the renowned master are highly recognized. Nevertheless, there were few opportunities for his full-fledged artistic talents to be showcased and recognized. Thus, Daegu Art Museum seeks to present a large-scale exhibition to promote his artistic talents in order to figure out and promote the artistic value of his works.
This exhibition is expected to present his utterly praiseworthy masterpieces which reveal his art world along with works of his teachers, peers and pupils who exchanged influences with him. This exhibition will serve as a precious opportunity to look into artist SEO Byeongo who left great legacies as Daegu Art was about to flourish.

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